For the last several years, innovation has been a hot topic in the business world. Although many companies have gone to great lengths to position themselves as innovators in the news and on social networks.

When it comes to innovation, understandably, medical device manufacturers are not the first to come to mind. Regulatory compliance requirements, rigorous quality control processes and the costs associated with product development make innovation particularly challenging in this industry.

However, over the past few years, Medicom has used innovation as a strategic lever, earning the company an enviable reputation for its forward-thinking approach. By developing new products based on customer needs, our team has successfully combined rigour and creativity.

This is the first article in our series on innovation that explores how Medicom has transformed its observations in the field and input from its end users into new products that have made a difference in the industry.

AirSpaceTM technology: A new, breathable design

Mask manufacturers have always been challenged to produce medical masks that provide effective respiratory protection without causing excessive discomfort for wearers. The ongoing pandemic has certainly accelerated innovation in this area. Increasingly, mask manufacturers have been looking into new and better materials, designs and manufacturing methods.

However, despite all the progress made in recent years, healthcare professionals continue to experience discomfort when wearing masks on a daily basis. Indeed, airflow restriction and feeling claustrophobic are frequently mentioned as causes of discomfort.

If you take a closer look at the construction of traditional surgical masks, you’ll notice that all the folds face downward. This design, referred to as “shingle pleats”, is designed to prevent fluid accumulation and reduce cross-contamination. However, it means that the mask lies relatively close to the wearer’s face, leaving little breathing room.

The SafeMask FreeFlow is constructed differently. Rather than shingle pleats, it is designed with “Omega pleats.” This means that two of the pleats face down while the other two face up. This creates an air pocket between the mask and the wearer’s face that allows air to flow more freely. It is important to note that this more breathable design has no impact on the level of protection the mask provides.

SafeMask FreeFlow meets all the requirements for ASTM F2100 protection levels 1, 2 and 3. As a result, healthcare professionals no longer have to compromise safety for breathability and can wear a mask that is both highly effective and exceptionally comfortable.

FlexneckTM technology: Finally, a solution adapted to reality

Developed by the Medicom R&D team, the AssureWear VersaGown with Flexneck technology was made to address two critical issues faced by healthcare professionals when using standard medical gowns: Firstly, in emergency situations, they did not always have time to properly position and tie their gowns, leaving areas of their skin and clothing exposed. Secondly, significant cross-contamination was occurring when untying and pulling a gown over their head.

Launched in 2012, Flexneck technology completely revolutionized the medical gown market by addressing both of these problems. The innovative design has a double elastic closure that creates the widest neck opening on the market. This allows the gown to slide easily over the head and instantly fall into place, providing complete coverage. The double elastic closure also eliminates the need to touch the back of the neck to fasten or unfasten the gown and allows the wearer to safely remove the gown by tearing it away from the body, further reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

But our team did not stop there. The second generation VersaGown with Flexneck technology included an extended thumb loop cuff that further increases coverage of palms and eliminates gaping at the wrists.

To learn more about VersaGown vs. standard gowns, read our blog post.


SafeMatrix: It’s all in the details

Developed based on over 10 years of matrix band expertise, our patent pending SafeMatrix single-use matrix band was launched in 2021. Most matrix bands are difficult to manipulate, require an application instrument and do not create the ideal surface for building restoration material. These disadvantages pose an even bigger challenge when there is not much tooth remaining. Even traditional single-use matrix bands are not ergonomically designed and can be difficult to position in a patient’s mouth. This not only results in restoration procedures taking longer but can also cause discomfort and bleeding for the patient.

In creating this new generation of matrix bands, the Medicom team thought of all the little details that make a big difference. The most notable advancement is the patent-pending push-button diverter that revolutionizes the way dental restorations are performed. Specifically, this diverter creates a band angle that ensures tight interproximal contact with minimal handling and makes the SafeMatrix suitable for all MO-OD and MOD cavities. In addition, it adjusts to and protects surrounding teeth.

Finally, its ergonomic handle, narrow neck, rounded edges and compatibility with all restoration materials make this small matrix band a powerful tool. Dentists now have a solution that allows them to accelerate the restoration process while increasing the comfort and safety of their patients.

The SafeMask FreeFlow, Flexneck technology, SafeMatrix matrix band and our many other ongoing projects are a testament to Medicom’s desire to do things differently—and better. Simplifying our customers’ lives by finding effective solutions to their challenges and sharing our expertise for the collective good is at the heart of our values.

In the next article in this series on innovation, we’ll look beyond our products to better understand the role of innovation at Medicom and how it fits into our mission. While we make the world safer and healthier through our products, how we work and the processes we follow are also driven by this innovative approach.


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