Invoices must be uploaded to the SafeAdvantage Customer Portal

$1 Purchased =
1 Point Earned

Earn 1 SafeAdvantage Point for every dollar of Medicom products (Medicom, Hedy, Ocean Pacific) purchased

Redeem For Exciting Rewards

Points can be redeemed for available items at any time

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I earn points?

You will begin earning points as soon as you have successfully registered in the program and start uploading your invoices.

Points earned are based on purchases of Medicom branded products.

Points are earned based on the following formula: $1 purchased = 1 Point.

Why are points not redeemable for cash?

The Medicom Loyalty Program is designed as a token of our appreciation for your support. It is our way of saying “thank you”.

Why are points subject to verification?

In order to ensure the integrity of the Loyalty Program, points are subject to verification by Medicom at any point throughout the year. Points are awarded only on Medicom branded product purchases; therefore, all invoices uploaded must be verified.

How can I find out how many points I have?

You can check your points balance 24/7 by logging into your Customer Portal > My Dashboard

How long will it take for my points to be added to my account?

Points will be credited to your account within 30 days of upload.

Will my points ever expire?

Points will expire based on inactivity. Active accounts require at least 1 invoice upload in a 12-month period. A notification will be sent prior to any point expiration.


Where can I see what rewards are offered in the program?

You can view the rewards offered at the Customer Portal > Products to Redeem

How do I redeem my points for rewards?

Simply go to the Customer Portal > Products to Redeem and click on “Add to Cart” for the desiered reward, then click on “Confirm Order”.

We take care of the rest. Your reward(s) will be delivered directly to the address you provide.

Will I be notified if my reward is not available?

If a reward item selected is no longer available, you will be notified by email and given the option of waiting until your selection becomes available (assuming it is temporarily out of stock), selecting a different item or canceling your order so you can use your points at another time.

If I order a reward and change my mind after it is delivered, can I return it?

Please select your reward items carefully, because once an item is delivered, it cannot be returned.

Where can I have my reward shipped?

Rewards will be delivered by courier and will require a signature upon receipt.

Therefore, when ordering, please provide a delivery address where a signature can be provided.

Please note: Rewards cannot be delivered to a Post Office Box or Rural Route address.


How do I find out about special offers or promotions offered through the program?

Special offers and promotions will be available periodically.

We encourage you to visit Customer Portal > Products to Redeem regularly to check for exciting new rewards and to watch for ads in your dealer flyers featuring any special promotional offers.

Important: Please keep your email address and contact information up to date to ensure that you don’t miss any exciting offers.

Where do I go to update or change my contact information?

Go to Customer Portal > Account Settings > Account Information to update your email and contact info.

What if I forget my password?

On the Customer Portal login screen, click “forgot?”. You will be prompted to enter your email used to create the account and the system will email your password to email address specified in your contact information.

Rules & Regulations

Updated on: November 18, 2020

Rules & Regulations

Medicom SafeAdvantage Loyalty Program Rules and Regulations

  • The SafeAdvantage Loyalty Program is open to dental offices and practices in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Each dental office is eligible for one registration in the Medicom SafeAdvantage Loyalty Program, based on billing address.
  • Reward points are calculated on purchases of Medicom, Ocean Pacific and Hedy products only.
  • Reward points are calculated from the date of enrolment in the SafeAdvantage Loyalty Program, based on the total pretax amount of Medicom products on invoices uploaded to the SafeAdvantage portal at www.medicomsafeadvantage.com.
  • Only original dealer invoices will be accepted as proof of purchase.
  • Only invoices dated from the date of enrolment in the SafeAdvantage Loyalty Program will be awarded points.
  • Any invoice uploaded for purchases prior to date of enrolment will not be awarded points.
  • Invoices must be uploaded to the SafeAdvantage portal within the same calendar year as the date on the invoice to qualify for points.
  • Bonus reward points offers: Product(s) must be purchased, and invoice(s) must be uploaded within the bonus point offer period to qualify for the special offer. Invoices uploaded after the bonus points offer has expired will receive the standard 1 bonus point per dollar spent on the invoice(s).
  • SafeAdvantage reward points for a product are awarded based on the promotion in effect on the date that product is invoiced.
  • Medicom reserves the right to cancel the SafeAdvantage Loyalty Program at any time. In the event of cancellation, reward points will be credited based on valid invoices.
  • Points will expire in case of inactivity. Active accounts require at least 1 invoice upload in a 12month period. A notification will be sent prior to any point expiration.
  • Medicom reserves the right to amend the rules and regulations of the program at any time. Updates will appear on this site.
  • See the SafeAdvantage portal for more information and FAQ.

Medicom SafeAdvantage Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions



The Medicom SafeAdvantage Loyalty Program (“Program”) offered by AMD Medicom Inc. (“Medicom”), 2555Chemin de l’Aviation, Pointe-Claire, Quebec, H9P 2Z2, provides eligible dental practices (through their authorized agents) the opportunity to earn Program points (“Points”) for qualifying purchases of certain products (“Qualified Products”) from Medicom and Medicom Authorized Dealers and Distributors (“Dealer/Distributors”), as defined below. Program Points will be earned on purchases for which invoices are uploaded from the date of registration. Points may be redeemed for specified products (“Redemption Products”) as defined below and/or qualifying continuing education tuition reimbursement, as specified in these Terms and Conditions, including subsequent amendments and additions hereto (“Terms and Conditions” or “Agreement”), and on the Program website at www.medicomsafeadvantage.com (“Program Site”). Participation in the Program is also subject to Medicom’s Privacy Policy (located at https://www.medicomsafeadvantage.com/privacy) and the Program website Terms of Use (located at https://www.medicomsafeadvantage.com/privacy). These Terms and Conditions may be modified at any time by Medicom at its sole discretion without notice. Program members are responsible for consulting the Program Site for current Terms and Conditions.


The Program is open to all dental practices, excluding institutions, community health centers, government organizations, Dental Service Organizations and Elite Dental Service Organizations, who: (a) operate a licensed practice in the United States and/or Canada and (b) have registered for this Program themselves via a Primary Member by entering their required name and contact details at www.medicomsafeadvantage.com (each an “Eligible Practice”). Eligibility for the Program is subject to verification at Medicom’s sole discretion. Registrants that are not Eligible Practices may not participate in the Program. The Program is void where prohibited. The Program is limited to one account per Eligible Practice. Medicom may refuse to create an account for any reason. For Eligible Practices, a practice representative must visit Program Site, review these Program Terms and Conditions, Medicom’s Privacy Policy and Medicom’s Terms of Use, and proceed to input all required member and Eligible Practice registration information in the form provided. The first individual who registers an Eligible Practice as a Member, upon confirmation (subject to continuing verification by Medicom), will be deemed the “Primary Member” of the Program. Thereafter, the Primary Member will be responsible for the Program membership, including eligibility for the specific Program benefits described herein. By registering, the Primary Member represents and warrants that he/she has the authority to register and participate in the Program on behalf of the Eligible Practice in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and has reached the age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence. The information entered at the time of registration must match dealer and manufacturer’s records on file in order for rewards to be awarded. Primary Member must be a lawfully identifiable human being; no fictitious or alias names and no machines, scripts or automated services may be used for purposes of participation in the Program. Membership in the Program is not transferable; however, an alternate Primary Member may be designated to administer the Program on behalf of a Member. See the Program Site for information on how to update Primary Member information.


Members earn points on purchases from the date of registration in the Program. Points are earned based on invoices uploaded and linked to a Medicom Authorized Dealer/Distributors via the Program’s portal. Points are non-transferable Program measurement units that may be used on the Program Site. Points are earned and awarded to the Member for the purchase of Qualified Products from the designated Authorized Dealer/Distributor. All purchases under the Program must be for the Member’s own use, not for resale. Medicom reserves the right to change the number of points awarded for the purchase of a Qualified Product at any time. Points have no cash value. Points earned pursuant to a qualified purchase that corresponds to a subsequent product return for a refund or associated with a returned check due to insufficient funds, will be deducted from the Member’s account. Medicom product redemptions from Medicom promotions and programs will not count towards Loyalty Program Points. Program purchases will be credited after the invoice has been uploaded and validated by Medicom. The timing of point deposits is typically 30 days after upload. Not valid on purchases made from a Medicom Dealer/Distributor in any country other than the United States or Canada.


Program Point redemption opportunities are offered only to Members. Earned Points may be redeemed through Redemption Products. The amount of Points necessary to redeem Redemption Products is subject to change at any time by Medicom for any reason or no reason. Medicom may refuse a redemption request if a Member is not in good standing on its Medicom purchases. Medicom will not deliver any such items to P.O., APO or FPO boxes. Redemption products can only be shipped within the United States and Canada. Items ordered at the same time may arrive separately. Merchandise will be delivered to the practice shipping address on record with the designated Authorized Dealer/Distributor record within approximately 6 to 8 weeks of placing the order, unless otherwise notified. Rewards must be redeemed in accordance with Program communications. Medicom is not responsible for replacing lost or stolen reward items.


Points will expire based on inactivity. An account will be deemed inactive if no invoices have been uploaded to the account within a 12-month period. A notification will be sent prior to the expiration of any points.


Medicom may, from time to time, include on the Program Site promotional opportunities presented by Medicom or participating Dealer/Distributors (“Promotional Opportunities”). These Promotional Opportunities may be hosted on the Program Site or on an alternative website and may either be related or unrelated to the Program. All such Promotional Opportunities will be subject to their respectively stated terms, conditions and means of participation and, to the extent they are hosted on non-Program websites, those websites’ terms and conditions. Product redeemed under a Promotional Opportunity does not qualify to earn Points.


The Program and its benefits are offered at Medicom’s sole discretion. Medicom may, at its sole discretion, cancel, modify, restrict or terminate the Program or Program Terms at any time without prior notice. The Program will continue to be offered to Members under the current Terms and Conditions, as revised from time to time by Medicom, posted on Program Site. Medicom reserves the right to disqualify and/or terminate a Member’s membership in the Program and any Program Points earned at its sole discretion at any time, including but not limited to non-compliance with these Terms and Conditions, Member is not an Eligible Practice, Primary Member ceases to be an employee of an Eligible Practice, fraudulent or other unlawful activity (including abuse or tampering with the Program Site in any way). Medicom reserves the right to audit membership at any time. A Member can choose to terminate their Program membership and/or their receipt of electronic communications by submitting a termination request to madams@medicom.ca. Medicom will honor the request within ten (10) business days of receiving the request. All Points shall be forfeited immediately upon making the termination request. There will be no compensation, whether in the form of cash or credit, or otherwise, for unredeemed Points when a Member is disqualified or terminated, for any reason whatsoever.


For any questions pertaining to the Program (e.g., how to participate, redeem points, etc.) members are directed to www.medicomsafeadvantage.com.


In the United States, Members agree that any issues related to the the construction, validity, interpretation and enforceability of these Terms and Conditions, or the rights and obligations of Medicom and Program Members(s) in connection with the Program, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California, without regard for conflicts of law doctrine of any jurisdiction.
In Canada, this Program is governed by the laws of the province of Ontario and the federal laws of Canada applicable thereto.
This Agreement sets forth the entire understanding between the Medicom and Program Members and supersedes any and all prior or contemporaneous agreements or understandings between Medicom and Program Members, whether verbal or written, including those terms and conditions of any previously existing Medicom Loyalty program, as to the subject matter of this Agreement. If any provision of this Agreement or the application thereof to any Member or circumstances shall to any extent be held to be invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of this Agreement, or the application of such provisions to persons or circumstances as to which it is not held to be invalid or unenforceable, shall not be affected thereby, and each provision shall remain valid and be enforced to the fullest extent permitted by law. No waiver of these terms and conditions will be valid unless the waiver is in writing and signed by an officer of Medicom.
TAX REPORTING Member shall comply fully with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, including those of the United States, Member’s home country (if not the United States), and any and all other jurisdictions globally, which apply to Customer’s business activities in connection with the Agreement. The U.S. Internal Revenue Code and the tax code for most industrialized nations would view Program rewards, discounts, or any other remuneration as taxable income to the recipient. Members should contact their tax advisor regarding the tax treatment of the rebates received from Member participation in the Program.
United States: Federal, state or local law may require the disclosure by the Member of discounts, rebates, or other reductions in price received, directly or indirectly, pursuant to this program, in claims, charges, or reports made to federal healthcare programs, including Medicare and Medicaid. The Member hereby acknowledges this obligation and warrants and represents that it will properly report and disclose, and appropriately reflect all reduction in price received and all amounts paid hereunder (including all rebates) as discounts to the extent required by applicable state and federal laws and regulations, including the Physician Payments Transparency Requirements of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, 42 U.S.C. 1320a-7h, and implementing regulations, and the discount “safe harbor” regulations, published at 42 C.F.R. Section 101.952(h).
Canada: Provincial law may require disclosure by the Member of discounts, rebates, or other reductions in price received, directly or indirectly, pursuant to this program, in claims, charges, or reports made to provincial healthcare programs or may require such discounts, rebates, or other reductions in price received, directly or indirectly, pursuant to this program to be applied to the costs or fees charged by the Member to patients . The Member hereby acknowledges this obligation and warrants and represents that it will properly report and disclose, and appropriately reflect all reduction in price received and all amounts paid hereunder (including all rebates) as discounts or as a reduction in the cost or fees charged to the extent required by applicable provincial laws and regulations.


Members are solely responsible for the equipment and internet access required to connect to the Program. Each Redemption Product provided in accordance with these Terms and Conditions is subject to the warranty and terms and conditions specific to and applicable to that product. To the extent permitted by law, Members agree that Medicom and its related bodies corporate and agents will not be liable for (a) any losses, costs or damages, including interruption of business or access interruptions, data loss, theft, corruption, loss or damage as a result of the presence of third party links on the site, computer viruses or system failures, which may occur in connection with use of the site, inaccuracies or omissions in program content, resulting from the Member’s enrollment in the Program, use of the Program, redemption of the Program Points and use of the rewards; (b) any punitive, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages, including but not limited to damages for loss of profits, goodwill, data or other intangible losses, even if Medicom or its related bodies corporate and agents have been advised of the possibility of such damage(s) resulting from the Member’s participation in the Program and/or its redemption of the Program Points and use of the rewards. Any attempted participation by internet or email or any other means except as permitted by this Agreement is void. Medicom will not be responsible for lost, late, incomplete, stolen, misdirected or illegible materials, email or mail; or for any computer, telephone, cable, network, satellite, electronic or internet hardware or software malfunctions, failures, connections, or availability, or for garbled or jumbled transmissions, or for service provider/internet/web site/use net accessibility or availability, traffic congestion, or unauthorized human intervention, or for inaccurate capture of any information, Points, Reward orders or other information, or the failure to capture any such information. Medicom is not responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate information, whether caused by printing errors, Website users, tampering, hacking, or by any of the equipment or programming associated with or utilized in the Program, and is not responsible for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communications line failure, theft or destruction or unauthorized access to the website or any communications means. Medicom is not responsible for injury or damage to Members’ or to any other person’s computer related to or resulting from participating in this Program or downloading materials from or use of the website. Any use of robotic, automatic, macro, programmed or like methods to accumulate Points will void all such Points accumulated by such methods, and disqualify any Member. Medicom makes no representations or warranties of any kind whatsoever, express or implied, in connection with these Terms and Conditions or the Program or any of the rewards, benefits or points associated with the Program.


Program Members understand and agree that in order to offer the Program, Medicom must collect and use personally identifiable information about Members and will, from time to time, contact Members via their e-mail address, facsimile numbers and other contact information, as provided. Medicom may use such personally identifiable information for marketing purposes and share it with Medicom’s marketing services suppliers for that purpose. Member agrees that the Medicom may republish a Member’s business name for publicity purposes in association with reward redemption/receipt activities. This Program is administered under the terms of the Medicom’s Privacy Policy.
By registering for the Program, Members agree to receive electronic communications from Medicom, to provide true and accurate registration information to enroll and participate in the Program, in conjunction with their Eligible Practice, and further agrees to revise all identifying/contact information in a timely manner to ensure that the Member information provided in connection with the Program is at all times updated and accurate. Medicom is not responsible for contacting any Member by any means if that Member has failed to provide updated information. See the Program Site for information on how to update any Member information.


Member agrees to release, defend, indemnify and hold harmless Medicom, its parents, subsidiaries, successors, assigns, affiliated companies, and agents, and its successors, assigns, shareholders, officers, directors, employees, attorneys/lawyers and agents (collectively “Indemnitees”), from and against, and accept all responsibility of any kind, including but not limited to financial, for any liability, claims, losses, damages or proceedings, including but not limited to death, (including reasonable legal and other professional fees) relating to any actions taken by such Member or anyone else using their Member account (whether or not such use occurred with or without the Member’s permission), including but not limited to accrual and redemption of Points, and disclosure of Member username and/or password. Member also agrees to release, defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Indemnitees from any and all liability, claims, losses, damages or proceedings, including but not limited for death (including reasonable legal and other professional fees) relating to Points, rewards and any other matter in connection with the Member’s participation in the Program, regardless of whether such damages are based on tort, warranty, contract or any other legal theory, even if advised of the possibility of such damages. Each Member acknowledges and agrees that Medicom shall not be responsible nor liable for any agreements between a Member and any of the Program’s affiliated companies, including but not limited to Authorized Dealer/Distributors. Member shall have the right to defend any such claim made against Member, to retain counsel of its choice (subject to Indemnitees’ approval) and to settle any such claim at its expense with Indemnitees’ prior written approval. If Member does not provide a reasonable defense to any such claim, Indemnitees may assume and undertake the defense. Member will reimburse Indemnitees for all expenses from such defense and/or claim within sixty (60) calendar day after being incurred.
DEFINITIONS “Qualified Products” means the following: The Program relates only to Medicom products. Only Medicom and Medicom sister brand name (Ocean Pacific, Hedy) products qualify towards the Program. No private label products shall qualify for Points under the Program. The amount of Points earned for the purchase of Qualified Products is subject to be changed at any time by Medicom for any reason or no reason without notice. “Medicom Authorized Dealer/Distributor” means the following:
Medicom authorized dealers and/or distributors who sell Medicom products to private practices in the United States and Canada and report sales data to Medicom on a regular basis.
Member Agreement Acknowledgment and Acceptance By registering, enrolling and/or participating in the Program, Member agrees that the Member has read and understands each of the Terms and Conditions set forth (and as may be cross referenced) herein and will comply with each of the Terms and Conditions of the Program. Member acknowledges that these Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.

Terms of Use

AMD Medicom Inc. Online Terms of Use

ATTENTION: PLEASE READ THESE TERMS OF USE CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THIS WEBSITE. By accessing or using this website, you signify your agreement with these Terms of Use. These Terms of Use are agreed to by and between you and AMD MEDICOM INC. In consideration for your use of and access to this website, and the promises and obligations in these Terms of Use, and intending to be legally bound, you and AMD MEDICOM INC. agree to all of these Terms of Use. Please print a copy of these Terms of Use for your reference. If you do not agree to the following Terms of Use, do not access or use this website, and instead contact AMD MEDICOM INC. in writing or via telephone as set forth below for desired information. AMD Medicom Inc. reserves the right to modify or amend these Terms of Use at any time and without notice. All changes shall be effective immediately upon their posting. Material changes to the Terms of Use will be posted conspicuously on this website. By accessing the website following posting of changes to the Terms of Use, you agree to all such changes.


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