Medicom preventive products help preserve patients' smiles

Medicom varnish, fluoride gels, foams and rinses, and prophylaxis paste are available in convenient formats and in a variety of popular flavors.

Choosing the right varnish

There are several factors to consider when choosing a fluoride varnish: 

Formula: Look for a varnish formulated with 5% sodium fluoride and an adhesion agent to ensure adherence to teeth. A formula sweetened with Xylitol and that leaves only a very thin film on teeth is appreciated by patients.

Texture: A smoother texture makes varnish faster and easier to apply and provides better coverage.

Available flavors: Because individual preferences vary, offering a range of flavors is appreciated by patients of all ages. 

Color: A varnish that dries nearly invisible/natural enamel color is preferable to one that leaves a yellow tint on teeth.

Packaging: Individual dose cups are convenient to use and help reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

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