Montreal, Quebec – March 12, 2021. Quebec company AMD Medicom Inc. (“Medicom”), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of procedure and respiratory masks, today donated 500,000 SafeMask® Architect™ procedure masks manufactured at its Saint-Laurent plant to Banques alimentaires du Québec (Quebec Food Banks).

While Medicom has been doing its utmost to protect the frontline workers in Quebec and Canada, Banques alimentaires du Québec have been battling the food insecurity plaguing the province.

“The remarkable work that Banques alimentaires du Québec have been doing since the start of the pandemic has made a difference for many Quebecers who found themselves unemployed overnight and for families struggling to make ends meet. It is therefore with great humility that we are donating 500,000 masks that we produced in Montreal to support the Banques in their honourable mission of providing food assistance to vulnerable populations,” commented Guillaume Laverdure, Chief Operating Officer of Medicom.

Since all production of procedure and N95-type masks produced at the Saint-Laurent plant is currently dedicated to supply contracts with the governments of Quebec and Canada, the Medicom team worked hard to produce a half-million surplus units for Banques alimentaires du Québec.

“The pandemic has put additional pressure on the daily operations of our members who want to ensure the health and safety of their employees, volunteers and beneficiaries. We are very grateful for this donation from Medicom, which will allow the network to continue to focus on its primary mission of addressing food insecurity in their region in a safe and secure manner,” said Véronique Beaulieu-Fowler, Banques alimentaires du Québec’s Director of Communications and Philanthropy.

“Food insecurity is a cause we care about.”

Every year, Medicom team members from around the world meet in Montreal. In 2020, due to the pandemic, this annual gathering was not possible. Determined to find a silver lining in the situation, Medicom decided to donate the significant savings (airfare, hotel accommodations, room rentals, etc.) to World Central Kitchen, an international NGO that fights food insecurity around the world.

One year of a historic pandemic

The entire Medicom team wishes to add its voice to the initiatives of governments and several organizations paying tribute to the direct and indirect victims of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“COVID-19 has taken too many people in Quebec, Canada and around the world. These people left us too soon and are leaving their families and communities in mourning. They will remain in the collective memories of Medicom and our extended team. We would also like to take a moment to thank our healthcare workers and other essential workers who have been on the front lines since day one to ensure that we are protected and able to maintain a degree of normalcy in our daily lives,” concluded Mr. Laverdure.


About the Medicom Group

The Medicom Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of high-quality, single-use, preventive and infection control products for the medical, dental, industrial, animal health, laboratory, retail and health and wellness markets. Medicom distributes infection control products under the Medicom, Ritmed, Kolmi, Hopen, Ocean Pacific and Hedy brands. Medicom subsidiaries include Kolmi-Hopen in France, Medicom Asia in Hong Kong, United Medical Enterprise in the U.S.A., KHM Engineering in Singapore and Medicom HealthPro Limited in the U.K.

Medicom has extensive experience in responding to the demand for personal protective equipment in the event of a pandemic. Medicom was founded in 1988 in response to the urgent need for medical gloves for healthcare professionals during the global HIV crisis. Since then, the company has been a reliable supplier of infection control solutions during multiple epidemics, including avian flu, SARS, H1N1 and Ebola, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic.


For more information about Medicom and their comprehensive portfolio of infection control solutions, including an extensive range of medical face masks, please visit, follow us on Twitter @MedicomNA or visit pages on Facebook or LinkedIn.

About Banques alimentaires du Québec

For more than 30 years, throughout Quebec, the Banques alimentaires du Québec network has supported and represented 19 Moissons (sorting, distribution and storage center), 13 Associates (organizations covering the North Shore, the Gaspé Peninsula and the Magdalen Islands) and 1,200 local community organizations affiliated with our members, serving more than 500,000 hungry people every month. The network’s model makes it possible to recover and redirect foodstuffs throughout the food chain. This unique structure promotes food recovery and reduces environmental impact. In this way, the Banques alimentaires du Québec ensure the equitable sharing of food and financial donations throughout Quebec, pooling resources, expertise and information so that its members can respond more effectively to the needs of Quebecers in vulnerable situations.

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Gayle Padvaiskas
Vice President, Marketing
AMD Medicom Inc.

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