If you buy personal protective equipment and other infection control products, you probably recognize the Medicom name. But do you know what the company logo means? Read on to find out.

The Medicom story began in 1988, in the midst of the AIDS crisis and the ensuing shortage of protective apparel for healthcare workers. Asked for help by a former college classmate, twenty-three-year-old Ronald Reuben set out to source urgently needed high-quality medical gloves. After successfully procuring the gloves, he created the SafeTouch glove brand and founded Medicom in Montreal, Canada.

Demand for SafeTouch gloves and other PPE grew quickly and Mr. Reuben soon bought his own mask manufacturing facility. He purchased state-of-the-art equipment, traveled the world to source the highest quality raw materials and hired leading experts to design and manufacture the most reliable personal protective equipment on the market.

From the outset, Mr. Reuben recognized that providing reliable protection for healthcare personnel was more than just a business opportunity. He made it his life’s mission to provide the highest quality protection in the world to those who protect and care for others. To do so, he insisted on selecting only the finest raw materials, using state-of-the-art machinery and manufacturing techniques and implementing stringent quality controls at every stage of production. That unwavering commitment to quality, reliability and continuous innovation earned Medicom the trust of millions of healthcare professionals around the world and the company grew quickly.

Over three decades later, Mr. Reuben is still at the helm of the company and the entire Medicom team is as dedicated to quality as Mr. Reuben was when he founded the company. Every Medicom product is crafted with skill, passion and attention to detail because we take pride in the protection we offer.

Today, the company’s three core tenets are at the heart of Medicom’s branding:

  1. Offer only the highest quality products.
  2. Build and maintain our customers’ trust.
  3. Take pride in the protection we offer.

Medicom’s branding conveys these values and what the Medicom name stands for to both existing and potential customers.

The Medicom Logo


The Medicom word mark – the company name – is at the heart of our visual identity. The solid, modern font represents depth, stability and trust. The share of blue represents healthcare, as well as trust, authority, security, stability and intelligence.

The Medicom Icon: the “Knot”

The Medicom knot is an ancient heraldic symbol of longevity, permanence and commitment. Each loop of the knot represents one of the company’s three core tenets – quality, trust and pride.


For customers, the Medicom knot represents the company’s reputation for consistently providing some of the safest and most reliable products on the market, as well as exceptional service. We provide our customers with outstanding product support, sales materials, free continuing education courses, monthly newsletters, blog articles, an informative website and more.


Over the last 33 years, Medicom has earned the trust of millions of healthcare professionals across the globe by consistently providing the highest quality infection control products and services. The company has also proven itself to be a reliable partner even in times of crisis.

Throughout multiple pandemics and epidemics, including avian flu, SARS, H1N1, Ebola and COVID-19, Medicom has not only maintained all quality standards, but also honored commitments to supplying our loyal customers. With manufacturing operations strategically distributed across three continents and a vast global network of suppliers, Medicom is uniquely positioned to meet exponential demand for items like face masks, medical gowns and surface disinfectants during such crises.

Today, Medicom is not only trusted by long-standing customers, but also by governments across the globe. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, multiple governments have sought to partner with Medicom to establish manufacturing facilities to secure local supply of medical masks, respirators and other personal protective equipment.


The quality of our products and the trust that healthcare professionals place in our company are a source of pride and inspiration for every member of the Medicom team. That is why we remain committed to using carefully selected materials, state-of-the art machinery and manufacturing techniques and leveraging over three decades of expertise to make the world safer and healthier by offering consistent, reliable protection.

We take pride in the protection we offer so that our customers can take pride in the protection they offer.

The Medicom shield

The three loops of the Medicom knot converge to form a shield, which represents Medicom’s core focus: protection. Used since ancient times as armor, shields are associated with protection against injury or trauma. Thus, the Medicom’s shield represents the safe and reliable protection that Medicom products provide for healthcare workers and their patients against potentially harmful or even lethal infections.

Tagline: Pride in Protection

What inspires the Medicom team to do what they do every day is the knowledge that our products provide healthcare professionals with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they and their patients are protected. Our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards means that we never compromise on the quality of our products, nor on the comfort, convenience and value they provide.

What the Medicom brand means for healthcare professionals

Medicom was founded to keep healthcare professionals and their patients safe and healthy. Every member of the Medicom team takes pride in the quality and reliability of our products and in the peace of mind we provide to millions of healthcare professionals around the world every day. It is through our unwavering commitment to excellence that we have become a global leader in infection control and personal protective equipment.

When you see the Medicom logo, you can rest assured that you are buying the safest, most reliable protection available for yourself, your staff and your patients.

Learn more about Medicom and our complete portfolio of infection control, preventive and patient care products at www.medicom.com.

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