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Personal protective equipment (PPE), including isolation gowns, is one of the main forms of barrier protection that help protect healthcare professionals from cross-contamination and infection. However, when every second counts for a patient, healthcare professionals often put their own safety at risk by not wearing their gown correctly. That is why Ritmed developed a gown that significantly improves gown compliance. Based on clinician feedback and independent clinical testing, the company created the VersaGown with FlexNeck Technology™.

The Ultimate Gown for Infection Control Compliance

The innovative VersaGown is part of the most versatile line of protective apparel available. These over-the-head isolation and protective gowns with Flexneck technology meet the need for quick and easy donning and doffing, while providing compliant protection and maximum comfort for wearers of all sizes.

What is Flexneck Technology?

Flexneck technology is a patented over-the-head design that helps ensure infection control compliance. The patented neckline allows healthcare professionals to quickly don the gown with a quick over-the-head motion when speed is of the essence, helping to minimize the risk of an untied gown slipping and exposing skin.

Patented neckline: Innovative, flexible, latex-free, double elastic closure.

Quick donning: Flexneck allows for quick donning and keeps gown from slipping, even when waist ties remain untied.

Safe doffing: After use, gown is removed with a swift breakaway motion that easily snaps the neck closure to prevent self-contamination.

Additional VersaGown Benefits

Adaptable Design

Flexneck technology is available in a variety of isolation gown materials, including SMS and poly-coated, to meet specific clinical needs.

Thumb Loops

Thumb loops maximize coverage by preventing sleeves from riding up.

Waist Ties

Generous waist ties provide additional versatility, comfort and protection.

How to put on and take off the VersaGown:

Independent studies of patented Flexneck technology show impressive results in reducing cross-contamination versus standard gowns

In an independent study conducted on the Ritmed patented VersaGown design, a randomized trial demonstrated that the design’s easy removal features at the neck and the increased skin coverage and fit at the wrists, significantly reduced contamination of personnel. Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol 2017;1–4.

Results: Contamination of skin of the hands/wrists and of clothing was significantly less with the use of the gown with Flexneck™ technology compared to the standard gown (Figure 1).

• Mean log10 PFUs of bacteriophage recovered from skin and clothing was also significantly lower when gowns with Flexneck™ technology were worn (0.07 vs. 0.44, p=0.001).

Figure 1: Contamination of the skin of the hands and wrists and clothing during removal of contaminated gloves and gown

1. Thirveen et al. Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol 2018;39:97-100

2. Hajar et al. Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology (2019), 1–3
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