For the second year in a row, Medicom products have been recognized with Top Product and Preferred Product awards in three separate dental infection control segments by Dental Advisor. Dental Advisor awards are among the most respected in the industry, as they are entirely based on clinical and evidence-based research. The 2021 Top Product Award recipients were selected from among hundreds of products. Ratings and awards are based on reviews by the Dental Advisor’s editorial board, along with a group of 250 practicing clinicians, dental assistants, dental hygienists, dental laboratory technicians and researchers with experience in all areas of clinical dentistry and research.

Once again, the winning products include Medicom Pro-Matrix Curve as the top disposable matrix band, Medicom SafeGauze Hemostat as the top hemostatic dressing and Hedy Polyisoprene Dental Dam as the preferred non-latex dental dam.

Since 1988, Medicom has been dedicated to delivering world-class infection control products and personal protective equipment (PPE). The company’s dedicated team is always pleased to see its efforts recognized, but even more excited to continue innovating and delighting our customers around the globe with new products and experiences.

About the Award-Winning Products

Pro-Matrix Curve

These sophisticated yet easy to use pre-contoured, single-use matrix bands are engineered to facilitate dental procedures by allowing accurate placement and providing better visibility of the work site. The advanced contoured design of Pro-Matrix matrix bands ensures perfect contact every time for easier, faster restorations and better results.

SafeGauze Hemostat

This 100% natural dissolvable hemostatic dressing designed to control bleeding after extractions, periodontal surgery and other procedures that require bleeding control, with no suturing required. HemoStat absorbs fluid and turns to gel within seconds for easy placement. It quickly adheres to the wound to close off blood vessels and control bleeding. HemoStat contains no chemical additives or animal-based products and has natural antibacterial properties that promote healing.

Hedy Polyisoprene Dental Dams

These premium non-latex dental dams isolate specific areas of the mouth during dental procedures to reduce the risk of infection. Their unique formulation has a similar polymer structure and physical properties to natural rubber, without the potential allergen of latex protein. They are powder free and offer superior tear resistance and up to 1230% maximum elongation.

More information about these and other award-winning Medicom infection control and prevention products is available at

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