As a leader in infection control and prevention, Medicom is continuously looking for new and innovative ways to contribute to the world’s healthcare professions with high-quality infection control products.

This year, Medicom received three Dental Advisor Top Product awards. The award-winning products include Medicom Pro-Matrix Curve as the top disposable matrix band, Medicom SafeGauze HemoStat as the top hemostatic dressing in the oral surgery category and the recently acquired Hedy Polyisoprene Dental Dam as the top dental dam and Editor’s Choice.

About Dental Advisor

Since 1983, Dental Advisor has been a trusted resource for dental health professionals worldwide. The Dental Advisor website provides concise, accurate, evidence-based and clinically relevant information about dental restorative products, infection control solutions and dental equipment. The authors combine clinical experience with laboratory data and report on the long-term in-vivo performance of materials over time, as well as on objective clinical evaluations, product comparisons and comprehensive long-term clinical performance studies .

Dental Advisor Awards are among the industry’s most respected dental product awards because they are based on clinical and evidence-based research.

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About Medicom’s Award-Winning Products

Pro-Matrix Single Use Matrix Bands

Pro-Matrix matrix bands accelerate restorations and improve results.

These convenient pre-assembled, single-use matrix bands accelerate the restoration process, saving valuable chair time and improving results.

  • Ready to use right out of the package for restorations of every class, in all quadrants
  • Band conforms to natural tooth anatomy for tighter contact
  • Create a smooth external surface against which restorative material can be packed
  • Available in two sizes for optimal fit: 6 mm for molars and 4.5 mm for pediatric and premolar dentition
  • Download our sell sheet for more product informationRead the clinical evaluation from Dental Advisor

    SafeGauze HemoStat Topical Hemostatic Dressing

    SafeGauze HemoStat is a 100% natural dissolvable hemostatic dressing designed to control bleeding after extractions, periodontal surgery and other procedures that require bleeding control, with no suturing required.

  • Quickly transforms into a clear gel to fill wound
  • Stays securely in place – No suturing required
  • Natural antibacterial properties promote healing
  • Download our sell sheet for more product information
    Read the clinical evaluation from Dental Advisor

    Polyisoprene Dental Dam

    Polyisoprene Dental Dams by Hedy isolate specific areas of the mouth during dental procedures to reduce the risk of infection. Their unique formulation has a similar polymer structure and physical properties to natural rubber, without the potential allergen of latex protein. They are powder free and offer superior tear resistance with 1230% maximum elongation.

    Download our sell sheet for more product information
    Read the clinical evaluation from Dental Advisor
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