New patent pending design for better control and optimal results

Pre-assembled, single-use SafeMatrix and SafeMatrix Contour feature a push-button diverter, slim, textured handle and improved thumbscrew grooves. They create a smooth external surface against which restoration material can be packed and:

  • Accelerate the restoration process
  • Save valuable chair time
  • Increase patient comfort and safety
  • Improve results


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Why Choose SafeMatrix?

Universal application

  • SafeMatrix is suitable for all MO/OD and MOD cavities, as well as for cusp build-ups and as a protective shield for the neighbouring tooth during preparation.


  • May be used with all restorative materials and with wedges and rubber dams.

Optimal fit

  • Push-button diverter creates band angulation to ensure tight interproximal contact.

User-friendly design

  • Narrow neck and rounded edges provide easy access and optimal visibility during treatment.


  • Each matrix band is individually packaged. As a single-use product, it does not require reprocessing.


  • No assembly required.

Safe and gentle

  • Eliminates the risk of injuries to gingiva and cheeks often caused by sharp edges or corroded surfaces on metal holders.

Available in two sizes

  • 6 mm for molars and larger restorations 4.5 mm for pre-molars and children’s teeth.

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Learn how to use Medicom SafeMatrix and SafeMatrix Contour

Just unwrap the preassembled band and secure to tooth following the simple steps in this video.

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