Makrite N95 Respirator Authenticity

To meet the unprecedented demand for N95 respirators during the ongoing pandemic, Medicom has occasionally sold products from other carefully selected manufacturers, including Makrite.

Makrite is a highly reputable manufacturer that Medicom has been working with for many years. We only buy product directly from manufacturers and do not use brokers. Their products are certified by regulatory bodies including NIOSH.

While there have been some reports of counterfeit masks on the market, please rest assured that the authenticity of the Makrite items listed below has been verified and certified by the manufacturer and that Medicom will remain vigilant throughout the current crisis to ensure the quality and authenticity of every item we sell.

Certified Makrite N95 respirators:



Lot no.

Sekura-N95 #MSK002 040820
Sekura-N95 #MSK002 050620
Sekura-N95 #MSK002 060220



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